Meaning behind macro and data type names?

I'm refreshing my memory about Windows data types and macro names.
for majority of them I know what they mean and what is their purpose, the MSDN reference explains their meaning and what they do.

To better memorize Windows macros and data types I use following approach while reading or writing API code:

WM_CREATE I read: Window Message Create
WM_PAINT I read: Window Message Paint
LRESULT I read: Long result
HWND I read: handle to window
LPVOID I read: long pointer to void
CreateWindowExW I read: create window extended wide


I believe most people do the same while reading or writing code, still there are some macro names and data types for which I simply can't figure out the meaning behind their names, for example:

WM_NCCREATE: what is NC supposed to mean here?
CW_USEDEFAULT: what is CW supposed to mean?
GWLP_USERDATA: what is GWLP supposed to mean?


you see what's my point?

is there a complete reference to learn reasoning behind shortcut names?

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WM_NCCREATE => Non-Client Area Create

CW_USEDEFAULT: what is CW supposed to mean?

AFAIK it means Create Window. It's a parameter used in CreateWindow or CreateWindowEx

GWLP = prefix for GetWindowLongPtr function

Since Windows was in written in C and C doesn't have namespaces, prefixes were used instead.
ok thanks, so obviously there is no "ultimate" reference to meaning of prefixes?
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