http dist directory

hello everyone,

I would like to download files from HTTP directory like this one :

what is the best way to do it ? can I do it with the windows API or should I get another library like libcurl or a HTML parser ??

I'm completly lost ! this http directory is simple but some other are not simple at all (it depend of the server software ; apache, nginx etc etc)and it also can have subdirectory etc

What is the best way to do it ?

for example you can do it with wget :

it would be better if I have no other dependency if you know what I mean :)

thanks !
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Where I can find how wget do it ?
no experience with HTTP parsing, and I think Windows API doesn't have such functions.

wget source is here:

GNU Wget
git clone
With the Win API you can download an individual file:

However you need to specify the url for each file which is probably not what you want.

If the website allows anonymous FTP access you could use the WinInet functions from the Win API.

If you don't mind using .NET with the WebBrowser control things might be the easiest.
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