Is it possible to set visual studio 2017 default platform set and character set?

As I saw in answers, there is no such option. I want to make it default for all projects the same as C++ directories in property manager.
You should be able to open (or create) a project that you first manually set as required for all options, including platform set, character set, toolset, etc.

Then, with the project open, in the project menu, export template.

That creates a custom template. Be sure to name it descriptively in a way you'll recognize.

It should be visible on the selection list when you start a new project, and I can confirm this establishes the default for character set and platform toolset, etc.

This also works for configuration management. When I build projects, I use Clang (VS2019 in my case, Clang 8.0). When I create templates with Clang configurations added, the default project that template creates will have 4 possible targets (Debug/Release/ClangDebug/ClangRelease).
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