need curl for Windows 10 Visual Studio 2019

idk if it's just unavailable for Windows 10 or Visual Studio 2019, but I just can't build curl on my Windows 10 computer having Visual Studio 2019 and I neither can find a .lib file, just .exe and .dll, am I missing any tool I need to build it? Can somebody else otherwise pls build it for me?
If someone can get libcurl compiled using Visual Studio 2017, it should be possible with 2019:
k.... that, seems to have worked with that older libcurl version...... I still don't get why it didn't with the latest one when I tried
k curl installed, now I get 6 unresolved external symbol errors, I thought defining CURL_STATICLIB would help cuz people said so on but it didn't
I'm not a libcurl user, all I can suggest is wait to see if someone else can assist you here.

Maybe find a libcurl forum and ask there?
I would suggest, instead, to seriously consider Boost "Beast" and/or Asio.

I say this for several reasons, not the least of which is that Boost is intended for most platforms and compilers, but that some (Asio in this case) libraries either are or may become part of the C++ standard, when appropriate.

Boost has the features you need of curl, but without the ambiguity, and quite likely improved features.
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