DLL and EXE files decompiled

Hi everybody,

It is quite easy to decompile .DLL and .EXE files written with C# (dotPeek, ILSpy, or even online: http://www.decompiler.com/ ).

Is there a way to also decompile files written with C++?
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Sure, knock yourself out.

Amazing thing these search engines, you can find anything just by pasting in your question.

C# and Java for the most part can be decompiled back into human readable form, whether C# or Java, because neither really compiles to native machine code. .NET and Java need a VM to run that code.

You will never get C++ code that will be close to the original source. C might get closer, but still not well written.

As salem c points out there are decompilers available, though the really good ones are for-pay expensive.
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