DirectX vs. OpenGL

Ok so I'm not here to debate which is better, because I realize that that just won't be possible. I'm wanting to learn a graphics library for C++, and I want to learn the most from it. So, in your opinions, which would be better for learning purposes, and why. OpenGL or DirectX?
And also which would have more/better tutorials? So far, finding good DirectX tutorials seems impossible.
OpenGL is easier to find tutorials for generally speaking. I also found it far easier to understand than DirectX. For learning purposes, I definately recommend OpenGL
Do you have any useful links towards good tutorials still?
"So far, finding good DirectX tutorials seems impossible.'

Everything is inside the DirectX SDK with complete and great samples
All recents games are done with DirectX (>=9 )
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DirectX binds you to Microsoft products while not providing anything of equal or greater signficance in return. The logical choice is OpenGL hands down. I'd still use OpenGL even if I could use DirectX on Linux :/.
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