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I am not quite sure if I post this request in the correct form, but I wonder if anyone knows of any free, and good c++ compilers? I am completely new to c++, but I have some experience in other languages, like pascal. However I am an poor man, and want to test my how far my skills can reach using c++, and by the power of beeing poor, I cannot use the largest companies compilers (like microsoft) but I am on a winxp system and need a free compiler.. Can anyone help me?
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Why can't you use Visual C++? You can get the express editions for free:

Other people like Dev C++, but I've never used it, so I can't tell you if it's good or not.
Dev C++ is an IDE, it comes with MingW's port of GCC compiler. Great Compiler by the way and its ***free***.
You will notice they have a Pascal IDE too, with the Free pascal compiler.

But yeah... Visual Studio another IDE that comes with Microsoft's compiler is a nice choice too for its very user friendly interface.(IMO the best IDE for windows os)
Express edition: (free edition)

if all you want is a compiler:
theres a link for the SDK it comes with the latest version of the compiler and all the header files.

GNU C++ compiler GCC(g++)
MingW GCC port for windows.

Hope this helps.
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Visual C++ Express doesn't let you make .exez
i say get Dev C++
i use both VC.NET and Dev, i think dev is easier to use than
Visual C++ Express doesn't let you make .exez

It is an open-source cross-platform IDE :
MinGW and GCC have a big size for the compiled exe file...

That link will take you to some extra compiler/linker directives to make the executables smaller.


Also UPX can be used to compress the executable size.
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> Visual C++ Express doesn't let you make .exez

What is this bullshit ?
Avoid devcpp , VS Express is by far the best IDE.
bcc 5.5 that is very good. I so like it. wow
When you have built your project or solution in MS Visual Studio, you can find your executable file in the Debug or Release folder in your project folder.
I find it odd nobody has mentioned Eclipse + CDT. After using MSVC++, Dev-C++ and Installing Code::Blocks for a trial I have found Eclipse to be the best IDE hands-down.

You install the MingW (GCC) compiler, gdb debugger and run Eclipse+CDT on any platform you choose. It's cross-platform ability alone makes it a good choice.

Eclipse also has numerous plugins for various source control systems (CVS, SVN etc).

If you want a simple, fast IDE then Dev-C++ is the way to go. But you'd prob end up moving up to Eclipse later on if you took that path.
I use Code::Blocks and MinGW ,too. this is a very good.I much like it.
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i suggest you use dev c++ or Borland c++ builder.
best is dev c++.

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