c++ Enable Remote Desktop

hi every one !

how can i Enable Remote Desktop with c++ ?
Google up the title of this thread.
You could use getenv() which is included in Windows.h and then insert the batch code to edit windows registry to enable it.
getenv() is included in cstdlib. See http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/clibrary/cstdlib/getenv/ .
Thanks for the correction, I haven't used it in a while.
tnx but this code .... i don't know how use that ! if u can help me plz tell me ! i test this but i don't understand that :(

Well, that's the way to go. Study COM and WMI. Welcome to Windows!

Also, note that you doesn't necessarily have to KNOW in order to copy and paste that code.
plz give me a example of code for windows registry tnx :X
How to enable Remote Desktop programmatically
LOL! What a loser. BTW Grey Wolf, that's hit #1 for a Google search. I am guessing that's the link this loser saw and couldn't figure out. So I guess you will also be full of it.
webJose, I did wonder if he had done a basic Google or not.

I did think of reporting him and just moving on 'cos I have people that insult others an then say please help. But that link supports your post about learning COM and WMI, I guess some people are not happy unless you give them the complete solution.
Sadly, it is like that with some people. In their ignorance (and don't take this as an insult, mani0iranian, because it simply means you don't know something about a particular topic; I am ignorant myself in many other topics) they think everything can be achieved with basic language constructions. It is not my fault that the goal seems only achievable by means of WMI (and therefore COM). If he/she wants to complete the goal at hand he/she has no other choice than learn this stuff, and it is not something that can be explained in a single post.

So I imagine that unless somebody wants to simply handout the entire code the way he/she wants, he/she will simply have to abandon the task.
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