Auto browsing?

How would I go about learning how to code something like this:
I'd like to write a program, that when I run it, it opens up a website such as locates the image on that page and downloads it to desktop. Basically c++ code that manipulates the computer as if someone is there, but without someone there. Is that possible? or do I need another language.
If you want to learn how to automate other applications, google up UI Automation.

Warning: It is COM-based.
It is a lot easier to just get the page via HTTP and parse it than to make a browser do it via remote control.
yea, the browser part isn't necessary. This seems kind of out of my skill level. but I'm guessing it might be better to look in to more web based languages to learn this.
thanks for the responses though.
wget already implements what you are asking for.
Yes, with C++ it's possible.

You want to use the "winhttp.lib" if you want to download things.

Too automate tasks like click here click there is also possible with the right #includes.
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