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I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for my question but a Google search pointed me here. I also don't know anything about programming so please bare with me.

At work, an engineer wrote a program (one little screen with some buttons) using Visual Studio 2005 to control and read information from one of our new products through a serial port. It works fine on an XP machine but not on my old IBM Thinkpad running Windows Pro 2000. He spent some time trying to get it to work but is too busy with other projects to devote a lot of time to it. The screen opens up ok but there is no communication with our product and the pull down menus are missing all of the text.

I was wondering if there is a simple fix to make this program work in my 2000 machine. I can answer specific questions but I need to relay them to the engineer the next work day.

Thanks for any help.
The app may be using IE controls. They're not installed on Win2K.

If you have the source, you need to set up a couple of defines, one for the OS level, WINNT_VER or something like that and another one that I can't remember. The should be shown in stdafx.h. When you set them correctly, the build will tell you what's missing.

I haven't done any Windows development for a few months and I don't have the details to hand, but I think I'm correct about the controls. As for the device, I don't know.
Thank you kbw....I will show him your post tomorrow.
Well, I'm not sure what he did but he made it work with 2K. I mentioned the IE controls and he said no he used bla bla....sorry I didn't catch exactly what he said. It's nice to use the old laptop mainly because it has a serial port on it.

Anyway....thanks for the help!!
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