Connecting C++ Console to SQL Database using SqlApi?

hello, i could successfully connect with Sql DB from C++ console using SqlApi,downloaded from,and i have configured dll,header and lib in visual studio 2010(that is all right) this is the first time i am using sqlapi and with the console this is also the first time,my concern is to export the console output string to the Database,i am presenting example code snippet hoping i could get some suggestions.
std::wcout<<_T("Enter the User:")<<std::endl;
char * TestUser;
TestUser = (char*)malloc(50 * sizeof(char));


wofstream myfile; ("C:\\Program Files\\ABC\\abc.txt",std::ios::app);


delete TestUser;

return res;}
// and in this condition , my concern is to export the Username Inserted by the user to the database,lets say; dbname:abc,login:abcd,password:abcde
and reminder again that i am using SQLAPI for the connection not ODBC or ADO.
can anybody help me with the code with query,to export selected console output to the database?
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