FTP library?!

I have spent over 12 hours attempting to work with some FTP libraries, only to realize that they are too complicated for me to understand, or they have some weird errors. If someone can recommend a good library (and even explain how to link it with Dev-C++ without error ;) ). I am just looking for FTP alone too, I REALLY appreciate it. Thanks!

P.s this is just a Windows application, so I don't mind using Visual C++ too if it's absolutely necessary (If MinGW is incompatible). Again, thanks!
1. Please enumerate the libraries that you attempted to use. We are not mind readers. We cannot propose a library that you haven't used without knowing this.

2. Please note that Dev-C++ is no longer maintained and I hear it has a very old compiler. You need to lay off of Dev-C++. Nothing good will come out from using it. Move to Code::Blocks, Visual Studio or something else. This may also improve your experience with those libraries you say didn't work for you.

3. Have you tried Windows' WinINET?
Oddly enough, when I try using VC++ EE 2010 with WinINET is doesn't compile properly.. I'll look more into it!

webJose, the reason I didn't list any is because maybe there was one crucial step I missed while setting each one up.. But some on the ones I used were Chilkat's libraries (weren't compatible with Dev-C++ using MinGW and I had no clue on how to use it with Visual C++ with those ones) and some class files (again, I have no idea how to setup without lib files or .a files). Thanks!
Well, following the lib<whatever> rule of thumb, surely enough you can find libftp: http://sourceforge.net/projects/libftp/ . Give it a shot, but i personally would use WinINET, especially using Visual Studio.
Could try TFTP.
You must have the Windows SDK installed to use the WinINet API.
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Valtas, I am currently installing the SDK right now. I think that is the reason why I couldn't do anything with the library (which is stupid since it shows that the header files without red sciggle lines underneath it like most non-existent header files).. How do I go about making the libraries work with my program? IS it just like linking libraries?
If you use Dev-C++ then you don't need to install anything, MinGW comes already with libwininet.a preinstalled. Windows SDK seems to work only with Visual Studio ( I couldn't make it work with MinGW )
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