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I just got a new computer, so I transferred all my files over, but now when I try to run one of my programs on the new computer, it doesn't run. I have an old version of the program that does run though. The only significant change that I can think of is that it uses SFML now. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?
If you're not linking statically, you need to distribute the appropriate .dll files with your program.
Wouldn't that display errors? No window even shows up when I try to run the file.
It's really strange. It shows up as a process in task manager when I run it, but the window never shows up. What's wrong with it. I deleted a .dll file and it showed an error message, but still no window, so clearly it shouldn't be that I am missing a .dll file since it normally doesn't show an error. Does anyone know how I might fix this?
If you are linking to an empty dll or one that is corrupted it wont show an error, IE: make a notepad, delete insides, change the extension to dll and name to one of your dlls, replace that dll (after copying) and see what happens, no error message, eventhough this dll has no functions inside it, your pointers that are linked to the dll functions are simply functioning wrong but not seen as an error (sending all the arguments to the wrong address which does nothing).

To fix this, re-copy all your dlls over if possible, if that doesnt work i dont know that ill be much help here.

Also is the first computer 64bit and the second 32bit, that could be a factor in this.

32 bit ---> 64 bit works
64 bit -/-> 32 bit doesnt work
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