Really advance C++ . How? please help

Hello there,

I am still learning c++ and I find it really boring. Well I am still interested.So, I just want you people to help, see, Is is possible to take up a software, for instance guitarrig which is a software effect processor. Basically it converts analogue signals to digital signals and let us use effects etc, plug in guitar or bass and various effects.

So, I have this software, and I need to take all the c++ source code. I am pretty sure most of the parts of the software are written in c++.
So if I could find the source code of all the features , I can try understanding through them.

Although I am learning all kind of features of C++, but I really dont understand how is it used today in normal applications. That is the reason I am doing something like this.

If not a more sophisticated software like guitar rig, at least a simple game or something, and its source code so that I can learn from it.

I am extremely naive. Please do bare it. I am just trying to learn in a different way, more interesting way. Help me out.

Thanks a ton.
You can't see the source code for guitar rig because it's closed source. All you have is the compiled binary from which you cannot obtain the original C++ source code. You could look at the source code for audacity.

Guitar rig is probably not the right kind of software for a beginner to try and study anyways; the mathematics and algorithms are just way too advance.

The way to make C++ more interesting to learn, is by working on fun projects where you can apply what your learning.
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If you're still learning, you can choose a game programming book, such as Beginning C++ programming of Michael Dawson. He teaches C++ directly, and clear! And then you can learn C++ a beginner's guide of Herbert Schidt, then take some advance C++ books or go directly to C++ data structure and algorithm books!

In conclusion, learning C++ is hard! You can learn from small to big, so you'll find C++ interesting!
I suggest after you learn all the basics of C++ and also some basic parts of C very well, try for some GUI development library , and as well Your second base must be Effective_C++ book written by Scott meyers. It will take you to advance level for sure with lots of real life example of making C++ best used in practise of luck for your advance usage.... believe me decompiling code and learn it is not useful, instead just try making some application by yourself, that will make you confident....
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