Windows forms and functionality

I am currently trying to write a program that uses Windows Forms. However, I am having an issue adding functionality to the buttons. From what I have been told so far, it seems as if the code goes into the string of that object (double click on a particular button and it brings up the properties). ll of my textbooks seem to stop just shy of this point and search results do not show any books that explain how to do it. If anybody knows of a website that will guide me through this, or is able to explain it themselves it would be greatly appreciated.
What platform are u using , or are u using a library or window API itself let me know about what u really need and what platform
I am currently using Visual Studio 10. I am using the windows templates provided by the IDE. I am trying to tie together a small cash register program. I have several radio buttons that describe the age (which influences the price), a drop down menu that each user will select their name from (so things like daily, weekly, and monthly sales can be tracked), and finally a drop down menu for the actual item sold. The combonation of the radio buttons and drop down menus will produce a total when an ok button is pressed and all of the information is stored in another file(s). I appreciate your assistance. :)
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