How to Generate UDP traffic

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Hey i am working on an project in which we only send minimum of 10 UDP packets to a server but the problem is that i cant use ten sendto () statements as it is quite useless if i try to make an 100 or 1000 packets per second. The problem is that i do not know how to do that.
This is an network stresser not an black hat flooder of some kind. Thanks in advance
if any one here knows how to do that please post here |
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Cant you just put the call to sendto in a for loop?
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yes but does that work because people say create an raw socket to send infinite
raw socket? What does that have to do
with what you're doing?
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i heard thats how sniffers and network stresser are made from but i do not know how to make an raw socket
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that will send 1 packer per loop, you'll have to get a timer to actually cap it to x packets every x seconds
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can you tell me how to cap it i am not very very good but okay please
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yes but does it actully flood an target
can you tell me how to cap it i am not very very good but okay please

By using some sleep or timer function, for example.

yes but does it actully flood an target

"It" does what you tell it to.
assuming UDPSocket.send('☺') sends this byte of data to someone, then yeah it does flood them, though I suspect they check whats being sent, and if it doesn't look like real data it gets dropped, that's just a guess though, I don't actually know how it all works.
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but hey zephilinox you have been an great help but can you please help in make an flooder or help me find an good tut
I don't know WinSock, sorry, the only network library I've worked with is SFML's and I couldn't get that working properly(or it doesn't work properly, there have been several issues reported that won't be fixed until some distant version)

basically, you figure out what socket the server is listening to, then send data through UDP to that socket, as for figuring out what socket, if you are doing this legally you should know what the socket is.

I wouldn't worry about timing it properly until you can actually do what I said above, you might want to make your own server or something to test it easily, just make two programs, one that listens in at port x and one that sends data to port x.
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okay so i am working on it love these ideas.
I really don't understand what's wrong with sendto().

Can you explain why you think you can't use it?

You do realise that's the way send UDP packets and any library will ultimately call sendto() to write the data onto the wire, right?
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Okay sorry i am going to be using it then
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