Winsock SMTP

I googled this quite a bit to no avail, so I'm not sure if it's possible, but I was wondering:

Is it possible to create a server (using Winsock) that has the ability to receive text messages? I've made a server that listens on ports 25 and 110 and tried sending a message to my ip, but not getting any incoming connections.

You ought to be able to connect to that service, even if you don't manage anything else.
Check your firewall- and router-settings...
What exactly are you sending to? Are you inside or outside your firewall? Check to see if you can send it to
SMS != to SMTP it does not use TCP\IP. You would need to contact a gateway provider to setup routing and forwarding. The company I work for happens to be doing this right now with a tier 2 provider and trust me it's not something that's easy or cheap.

Modern cell phones pretty much all support TCP\IP over their network with no need for you to do much more then include it in your payment plan. Is there a reason you're trying the more painful route?
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