ruby project

hi guys this is of kinds off topic but its about ruby programming
ive decided to create a 2d rpg using ruby but skyrim style so not like zelda i already know how the maps are going to be laid out

i need you guys to help me with my ruby syntax or point me to someone who can

this is a example of my knowledge of ruby
Class hero
draw hero.jpg
@ hero_hp = 100
@ hero_mp = 100
@ hero_lv = 1
@ hero_exp = 0
@ hero_tp = 0
if left arrow key pressed move left spd 4
if right arrow key pressed move right spd 4
if S pressed draw heroatk.jpg when collide with enemy
set @enemy_hp -20
when S released draw hero.jpg

if you want to help me correct my syntax ill send you photos
of it and then tell me what im doing wrong

i will give a lot of credit to the people who help

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