DX surface to HBITMAP

Hi guys

Ok this is my last resort as repeated google searches either give me the opposite or nothing at all...

I want to copy the bits of a DirectX surface to a bitmap. I only have access to this bitmap via the HDC or the HBITMAP that the flightsim API provides. BitBlt turns things into a slideshow so memcpy seems to be the only option. Getting the info from the directx surface is easy so no worries there...But getting hold of the bitmap memory location via the HBITMAP is whats proving troublesome. Any one got any ideas?

Why do you want to do this? Why are you going from directx to the GDI?
because the application ( MS flightsimX) doesnt provide a way to draw using directx only(for glass instrumentation displays). GDI/GDI+ is too slow (causes bad frames) when trying to draw on large areas like terrain/weather maps. Also it doesnt provide the rendering capabilities that DX does. I still have to mix the 2....im going well beyond the SDK here however i know it is possible.
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