Borland fault offset

My "AppHandler" is crashing on one of our live servers. It is built with BCB6 (I also have XE2 but that don't work) and when it crashes I get C0000005 fault offset bc0d. I really need to know how to convert such offsets into a source code line. I found a message on here ( from ladybridge saying "with the fault offset exactly equal to the callback function address." so someone knows how.

Of course it works fine on the dev machine and 13 other servers.

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I don't know much about debugging, but I do know that Visual Studio compilations can produce the symbols file (PDB file). This file, in conjunction with a crash dump viewer, can reveal the stack. I think this is as close as you can get to a line number.

So what I think you need to know is obtain a crash dump and then analyze it, providing all necessary symbol files. Microsoft's analyzer can connect to the Microsoft servers to download symbol files for MS' DLL's so all you need to provide are the PDB's for your own modules. How to create a PDB using Borland? I don't know. Ask them, I guess, or consult the help files, etc. I just know that this can be done using standard MS development tools which is what I use.
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