How to disable Memory leak detector in Visual C 2010 ?

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Perhaps the leaks come from OpenCV library or the CRT debug report is wrong. I do not know exactly.
The leak is from OpenCV, you've proved that. The quiestion I had is, "Is there an initialise/uninitialise" sequence that OpenCV requires?"

From the examples I looked at yesterday, there was no use of anything like that.

I did download the code, but I couldn't find a .sln file so didn't look at the code. I don't have the time to investigate OpenCV any further.
The forums does not permit me to attach file, so I cannot upload the whole project files. But if you have OpenCV in your machine, you can create an empty project, add this code to the project, add opencv references to include and library directory in the project properties and you can run and investigate the code.
If you have the time, please help me !
Thank you.
What files do I add to the VC10 project? I take it the project is I generate is an empty DLL project.
@kbw: You create an empty project in VC10. (Choose File\New\Project, then choose Visual C++\General\Empty Project). You copy the code, save to .cpp file and add this file to the project.
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@kbw: here is the whole project files:
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