I am managing to get the data scanned (ie: the image) via a scanning device, however I want to get the actual bytes being passed from the device to my application. The link below; shows several methods for achieving several functionality, but non of them address my issue.


Does anyone have any experience, and successfully managed to get the data in actual bytes from the device. Th following sample code is currently what I managed to build.

hr = pIWiaDataTransfer->idtGetBandedData(&WiaDataTransferInfo, pDataCallback);

//getting memory address of pointer pIWiaDataTransfer from memory as a string

valueconst void * value = static_cast<const void*>(pIWiaDataTransfer);

std::stringstream ss;ss << value;

std::string memoryAddress = ss.str();

Some tips would be really useful :)

Thank you :)
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