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I'm trying to set up a program in C++ that runs the installer for a few programs (Office, AV, etc.) as I have to set up several computers with these. It makes my life easier if I can just plug my USB pen in and run my C++ code instead of having to babysit the computer, but I've hit a snag; is there a way in C++ to have it output a string to a textbox inside the installer? e.g. License Key for Office. And then interface with the installer program to see if it worked?

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Check if the software supports an unattended/silent install, fairly common for small business and enterprise products.
They're Home editions, like Office Home & Student and Kaspersky or Norton, so an unattended install isn't available. :/
I have done this kind of tasks in AutoIT language, but should work in C++ too (AutoIT comes with an ActiveX control which you can use from C++):
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@JPMercer did you try looking..?

You haven't mentioned any version numbers, but a quick google of "office home student unattended",


I have to install these on a large volume of computers, and each have different license keys, even with office's fine tuned install, I still have to wait around for the option to enter the license key and for one program to finish installing so I can begin the next.

Because of the amount of installs I have to do, it would be better if I plugged in my memory stick and ran my program, and enter the product keys at the start and select which programs I want installed, then leave it to install.

Thanks for the AutoIT link, I'll have a look.

I was thinking SendInput() might work in C++ but I'll need to figure it out first.
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