GUI Windows Program Download

This program took 3 months to develop and is now ready to be tested by other users.

The purpose of this program is to make mathematical functions such as interquartile range (spread of data), running totals, algorithms and mean average much more simplified and easy to calculate. This would be useful for things like keeping track of scores, or measuring progress over a long period of time (i.e. how much money you make over a period of 6 months). The Nth Term Sequence function would also be useful for generating secure passwords.

This software is free of cost, but it's closed source so the code hasn't been provided to keep it from being copied or modified.

Compatible with Windows XP and up.

Here is the download link: <----

Send Feedback to this email address: <----
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You're asking us to download some executable from some random site. That's a big ask.
This program has been tested on over 100 other users (as of right now) and no security problems have been reported. Trust me, if this was malicious then as soon as someone reported it I would be taken off this site immediately.
So, please attach your executable file a screenshot example please. More people will run your program and you'll get more helpful comments, opinions and suggestions from others. Actually my OS doesn't have any Anti-Virus, so as kbw said, I'm afraid.

Edit : You may post several screenshots or upload a Youtube video. That's better.
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