this is my assigment, need to handup in few hours, i already tried for 2 days, please need help

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Great Job ITstudent, it looks like you have made a lot of progress. There are a few things that I noticed though, but they are just minor things that aren't hard to fix or learn. Most of them are probably just common mistakes and typos.

1) Line 12 main() remember that main() always returns a integer so this needs to be int main() no big deal this was probably a typo. This was the only error I got from the compiler so you made great progress.

2) Always test the code. When I ran the program I'm seeing some problems here are some of them

A) The program starts with just a blank screen and you have no idea what to do. I would recommend putting something like "Press enter to start", or better yet delete the cin.ignore() all together.

B) A lot of it is confusing and I have no idea what to enter. Make sure to program the program so it can be used by someone that has no Idea what it does. So have a lot of cout statements telling them what they should enter.

C) The loops seem to be off. It looks like there is a problem with your loops displaying the wrong info. This might not be the case since I didn't have time to read through the code, and I'm not sure what to enter where since the program doesn't tell me. So you might want to check it.

I'll look over the code more when I get off work. But you have made some really good improvements on your programming with C++. Keep up the good work and keep working at it.
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