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so here is my assignment and i am having some difficulties. I already have my maturity and payment forms but how do you call them up from the menustrip?

Create a new Windows Form project.

Add two additional forms: One for Maturity and one for Payment
Add the appropriate textboxes and buttons to each form to operation the Maturity and Payment features.
Add a MenuStrip to your primary/main/form1 form. Your primary form is….

Add event handlers to each of the pull down menu options (by double-clicking the option). One menu option will bring up the Maturity form and the other one will bring up the Payment form.

The code inside your Maturity event handler will look something like this:
Maturity^ frmMaturity = gcnew Maturity();
frmMaturity ->ShowDialog();

Be sure to add the .h header file for Maturity to the top of your main form.h code.

Your program should still perform the Maturity and Payment functions within each form that you call up.
Have a look at this tutorial to add menus to a form.
At the end of the tutorial you'll find that to add en event handler you can use MenuItem.Click
This is often achieved through and event handler of the MenuItem.Click event.
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