NTDDK.h header required!

Folks, I am working on a particular task and I need some help to get the Ntddk.h header file....Could someone please be kind enough to post it here?? I have searched in google but with little luck...couldn't find the header....could someone please send me this header file....Please.... Thanks in advance!!
You need the Drivers Development Kit (WDK) you can find here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/gg487428.aspx
I have installed the drivers development kit....what next?? Can't find Ntddk.h anywhere.....Help me!! Kindly tell me where I can find it.....
Next write your driver C source file and compile it using WinDDK command prompt.

My copy of ntddk.h is located in
Please somebody kindly reply.......I request you.....please....
Okay....can you please tell me how to compile using the command prompt of winddk.... I too have this

but it just has 2 folders....Catalog and Lib....no header files in it....Please explain...Thanks!
Please reinstall WinDDK and select all components this time.
Really appreciate you for the answer....but let me elaborate. I downloaded as one huge zip file from the link above....There were no options where I could select all or anything in particular.....after I downloaded the zip file...I extracted it...and got the folders like WDK, WDTF....on opening this there are many setup files....Now please tell me as to which one to install so that I can get NTDDK.h.......if its possible can u send the same by mail.....
Download all \inc folder from here:
Can someone please send me the ntdef.h header file.....????
It won't work like that. We should give you back all the DDK to make it work.
Also ntdef.h is in the Windows SDK, you meant ntddk.h, probably.
It's like giving you windows.h, careless of it including other headers required by windows.h and libraries also required by the SDK.
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