recv not working

I'm sending object of the class by send function.But the recv function is receiving a blank object.the recv function is returning the value equal to the size of object which means no error occured.Any suggestions .....
Are you sure you're receiving the right object?
Are you sure the problem is in the Recv and not in the Send function, And that you're not sending a blank object?
yes i'm pretty sure about it.I searched an object in a file and saw its was absolutly file and in the very next line i send the object to client.if you need the code visit this
You are sending something of bad size. You should use sizeof, and not input the size of a variable by yourself.
Your 'u' var is 100 bytes big but you are sending it as a 500 bytes structure.
Don't know if that is the problem but this may be worth to check out.
thanx it really worked.
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