VC++ 6.0 Functions without symbols

So I want to know when a function will be compiled without creating symbol for it. I mean the whole output file will create symbols for it's functions and global variables but It won't create symbol for specified function which need to be helper to another one and used only there but many times. Is possible the compiler to create helper functions as he decide? Or is there any way force this function to be unnamed(without symbol in the PDB).
Why would you want to omit information from the pdb? The whole point of the pdb is so that you can debug, in which case you'd want all the information you can reasonably get.
You know 'why?' isn't allowed here. But if you want to know why - I will answer you - because I'm reverse engineering. So when the symbol won't be produced (for function or global variable)? I know for example that the static variables inside the functions don't produce symbols but is there other case? Please help!
Just compile in release mode and take only the exe. (delete the pdb file, you'll be done) ~ More than that you can't do anything.
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