How to use SDL without VC++?

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I want to write a program with 2D graphics, so I downloaded SDL 1.2.15. It came with instructions for using it to make a project with VC++ 2005. I had 2010, and the versions were too different for the instructions to work. I installed 2005, but there were compatibility issues, even in compatibility mode. So my question is this: How do I Use SDL without VC++? I'm kind of a n00b with APIs, so the more detailed the better. Thanks.
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Here's a fairly detailed list of instructions for setting it up with Visual Studio 2010:

Essentially, you have to add the "SDL\include" directory to the project's Include directories, add the "SDL\lib" directory to the project's Library directories, and then add "SDL.lib" and "SDLmain.lib" to the project's Additional dependencies. If you didn't want to use Visual Studio, but wanted to use a different IDE, you'd have to do the same actions but find the equivalent "project properties" in which to set these settings.

The link I provided also mentions setting the subsystem to "Windows" and changing Runtime library to Multi threaded DLL before adding your code and compiling your project. I don't remember setting these manually although I was using Code::Blocks at the time of compiling some projects that involved SDL.

Hope this helps -- essentially the steps are the same in any version of Visual Studio as well as any other IDE, it's just the location of the settings' panels that change from one IDE to the other.
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