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Hello everyone

I'm working with a file that contains a huge quantity of numbers. The problem is, I got these numbers from a source code of a website, and its formated like this:


To use these numbers in the main program I need to format this file, removing the characters 't','d', '/','<' and '>'. Could this be done using c++ ? It will take like a thousands of years to format this file manually ><
Sure it could. If you read the content of the file, looking for "<td>" tags and then storing the content until you reach "</td>", you can store that content in an array or vector and then output it in a new file without the <td> tags (or use it in any other way you want).

EDIT: Still, if you just want the numbers without the characters 't','d', '/','<' and '>', and do not intend to use them as input in a program yourself, you could probably do this a lot faster using something like Notepad++ 's "Search and Replace" functions. You could copy the part of the HTML file containing the numbers in a new file, then replace "<td>" with " " (or perhaps no character at all, although I'm not sure whether it's possible), and do the same for "</td>". That would leave just the numbers for you.
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Thanks a lot, I didnt know the Notepad++, I'll try it (:
It works :)
Great, glad to know : )

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