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for some reason this is a rather hard subject to get info on. all I want is a message box no window. can someone show me a simple windows program that uses the message box function with no console window and no GUI window. I know the function to display the box I just want to know how to make it a standalone application with no other window
Create a Windows project in Visual Studio, ensure that the project is a Windows app, not a console app. You do the check in the Linker section.

Entry point is WinMain(). You'll need to include Windows.h. The code will call:
MessageBox("text", "tittle", MBOK);
return 0;

I can't post a program as don't really use Windows anymore, and I can't post working code form memory.
I'm sorry, but I am having some trouble asking this question because it's not easy for me to explain it in words maybe if I supplied a pic on what I want it to look like it will clear things up.

Now just how do I do that
kbw has provided the answer.
This is a simple messagebox

#include <windows.h>

int main(){

MessageBox(0,"Content", "Title", MB_OK);

return 0;
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