Handling msgs on form level


I am developing a program where I create window that containing few control (buttons, editbox, textbox). I need to handle the messages in the main window (parent window of the controls) before they reach the controls.
The WM_KEYDOWN and WM_CHAR are handled in controls and I'm not able to catch them in the main window.

Any ideas?
Subclass the controls and you will be able to catch these messages.
Thanks for your update, however, by subclass on control, I'll catch the msgs on the control level.
Anyway, I already subclass the controls and I'm able to catch the messages on the control level. But what I need is to catch the messages on the main window (parent of the controls) level before they reach the control.

Maybe I need to catch other messages that also hold the key code, but what are those messages!!

Any ideas!!
Just re-send them to your parent window and return, not allowing to reach the control.
Thx modoran..

Issue solved as you suggested

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