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Ok, so first and foremost I'd like to say I know of the following resources:

but I would like to know what books people would recommend for me. I am looking for resources and stuff beyond GUI although GUI is one of my big priorities. I've seen people recommend the pretzol book but it seems really outdated with windows 8 out and everything. I want to work with windows 7 and transfer to windows 8 if the os sticks.
As for those who would recommend C# that is my next goal but I would still like to learn windows programming with C++.
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Petzold wrote 6th edition of his book to cover Windows 8 (in C#). The fifth edition may be outdated, but so is native WinApi, which have sustained it's form since the mid 90's. The recomendation for that book stands.
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