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Hi I have a question, use visual studio 2012 and project properties (alt f7) in the c / c + + there is a window called command line, as in the linker.

My question is, you can spend the characteristics of a project to another?, And if so how to do?, Try copying and pasting, modifying file data should be stored where the "new project" but nothing happens.

Would appreciate any information
The project settings are in the .vcxproj file. It's stored as XML.
In VS10 there is a table of common properties for projects, it's located in: View->Properties Handling (Translated from italian which was Gestione Properietà)

Then a new tab will show up (with an open project) like:

Project Name
-Debug | Win32
-Release | Win32

Right click on Microsoft.Cpp.Win32.user under Debug (or under Release, whichever you like), choose Properties.

These settings are project-independent.

If you want to edit Debug-only settings, right click on Debug | Win32 and choose Properties.

Same for Release.
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