Change Process name at Runtime?

I THINK that I did this once, but I can't remember how, however I found only some VB examples, not c++

I want to change the process name that shows in the task manager under processes tab, for example PKL.exe to testpkl.exe

is this possible?

plain win32 api

edit: also how can I change description in the processes tab?
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It could be possible, either directly with a kernel patch (no win32 api will be able to bypass, not only task manager)

From user mode a solution is to alter your process command line at runtime, you could find working code examples on the web.
how about the description in processes tab? how do I change it?
I think the description is taken from the executable itself using version info api. Any resource editor can change that or you can do it programatically.
ye but where/how? ATM description is the executable name, also I don't see anything in the resedit to change the desc
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