Text box for typing?

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How can I create a small text box inside a message box? I find some sites, but they confuse me lot. I have only made a message box, but dont know how to get the text box inside there. How is this done?
You can't use a messagebox for that. You have to create a custom "modal" dialog box.

This is nontrivial unless you're using some kind of GUI designer. Doing it "by hand" involves placement of individual controls and gets hairy pretty quick.

The routine to look at is DialogBox()
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So whats the difference between a dialog box and a messagebox?
A MessageBox is a pre-made dialog box with limited functionality that is provided for convenience. They typically consist of message text with a Ok/Cancel button combo... or a yes/no/cancel button combo... or something else along those lines.

The amount of flexibility you have with a messagebox is limited. Whereas if you use a full dialog box, you can design it entirely how you want. The downside is there's more manual work you have to do to get it functional.
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