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I am developing a small application where i have main window Wnd1 that contains a child window as a form Form1. This child window contains in it turn another child window and some popups that are created when a push button pressed.

The problem is that the child windows of Form1 are not created due to the style of the windows. I dont know what style to use. I tried ws_popup but it didnt work as well.

below is the code sample of creating all windows:

Wnd1_v = CreateWindowEx (WS_EX_APPWINDOW, wndClass.lpszClassName, wndTitle_p, WS_CLIPCHILDREN | WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW | WS_VSCROLL, 
                         x_p, y_p, width_p, hight_p, NULL, (HMENU)wndId_p, hInst_p, NULL);

exStyle_v = WS_EX_APPWINDOW;

Form1_v = CreateWindowEx (exStyle_v, wndClass.lpszClassName, wndTitle_p, style_v, x_p, y_p, 
                          width_p, hight_p, Wnd1_v, (HMENU)frmId_p, hInst_p, objPtr_p);

style_v = WS_POPUP;
hWnd_v = CreateWindowEx (0, popCls_v.lpszClassName, TEXT("LOV"), style_v, 
                         150, 220, 140, 170, Form1_v, (HMENU)2600, hInst_p, NULL);

I tried to assign Wnd1_v as parent window of the popup window but it didnt work as well.

Please any ideas what I'm having wrong?
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Wen I specified the style as WS_CHILD | WS_CAPTION for the 3rd window, it was created but NOT SHOWEN. Then I set its parent to be Wnd1_v so it showed. This is not what I need. I want its parent to be Form1_v and not Wnd1_v.
Furthermore, I noticed that Form1_v window is always on top of the 3rd window. Which style is causing this? What I need is having the active form or window on the top of all other windows.

Besides, any ideas on how and when to use the WS_POPUP and WS_POPUPWINDOW styles.
I had checked the explaination of MSDN about window style and extended styles, but they are confusing and not that clear in some cases.

Please advise.
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is it possible to post the whole code??
I think with WS_POPUP you have to call SetParent after creating it. WS_POPUP creates a client-only window; no border or title bar.
1- It is difficult to post the whole code because each window is being created in a different class with a lot of checking and structures initialization. However, my previous post shows exactly how CreateWindowEx was used in my code.

2- Regarding: WS_POPUP creates a client-only window;
Thanks for the info. I didnt know. But then what about WS_POPUPWINDOW? How it may help?

3- And what i have to do to set Form1_v as the parent of the 3rd window insted of Wnd1_v?

4- When I move a window (Form1_v or the 3rd window) on the top of the other, and then move way, the windows are NOT REDRAWN. I guess I have to handle some messages like WM_PAINT, however, this message is not generated for those windows. I am printing to a file all the generated messages and WM_PAINT was not generated neither for the Form1_v window nor for the 3rd window.

What do you suggest..
Thanks in advance
created but NOT SHOWEN

Are you calling ShowWindow on the window with SW_SHOW?

Or tried adding the WS_VISIBLE flag to the style?


(or WS_CHILD, which is the same as WS_CHILDWINDOW)

Note that WS_POPUP means it pops up, like a normal (popup) dialog. So you don't want that style, if I get you right (you want to embed the form in the parent window?)


PS If you aren't already using it, GetSystemMetrics() -- with SM_CXEDGE, SM_CYEDGE, SM_CYCAPTION -- might help make the positioning logic a bit more insensitive to system settings?
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