Help making a program

I want to make a program to hold information. Like a console application to store data in. I don't really know what to use! :( I don't know where to hold the data! What can i use? I'm pretty new to this! :P

Any help is much appreciated!
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Your program shouldn't hold data directly. It really should use an external database. You could start off with sqlite3.

Why a database and why sqlite3?
1. Your data will be less dependent on your app working correctly.
2. You manipulate (maintain/backup/view and so on) without adding that functionality to your program.
3. sqlite3 is small, light, in-process, and ubiqutous.
4. If you start holding large volumes, you can plug in a different database without much impact to the buisiness part of your program (that part that uses the data).
I would use file saving. You can make a program to save and read data from a .txt (Notepad), or other (.bin...).
Thank you very much i will get started on that! :) very good idea from both of you!
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