Read Process List Name that contains multibyte characters

Hi everybody,

on the microsoft page:

I can use source code to get all running processes from the system.
In general that is easy and no problems occur.

BUT, when I want to get also the "szExePath" from a file that
have some multibyte information, e.g. 衣天阿佐伎喩女美.exe
the program returns only ???????.exe.

In my vs2010 project I use UNICODE.

I haven't any clue what I have to do?

It would be really helpful when someone has some hints for me.

Thx in advance,
That code should work if you use Unicode, to display Unicode characters to windows console is entirely (and not that easy) different thing.
Hi everybody,

could already resolve my own stupid question. I have to use another method
calls "GetModuleFileNameEx".

GetModuleFileNameEx(hProcess, hMod, szProcessName,
sizeof(szProcessName)/sizeof(TCHAR) );

And then folder and file name are displayed correct with chinese characters.

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