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so i downloaded sfml to use with code blocks (its the one you get with the c++ for dummies disc) and got it all set up according to how the sfml tutorial told me to. however its not finding the dlls. what do i need to do
The dlls either need to be put somewhere the program can find them. This is often either in the same directory as your exe... or in your System32 directory.

However, personally I recommend you rebuild SFML to make static libs, not dynamic. That way you don't have to worry about DLLs at all.
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ah so i have to build from source then?
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thank you
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will it work the same way with code blocks?
Most of it. The biggest difference is that the <sfml.h> header thing won't work, as those #pragmas are VS specific. So you'll have to manually link to the necessary libs.
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ok thanks
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im confused on step three. do i look on the cmakes txt file? if so where is it in there?
You just have to find the directory that "CMakeLists.txt" is in.

The tar.gz file contains some directory with a wonky name... like "LaurentGomila-23e4238" or whatever (the number sequence is a hash tag). Just keep going into those directories until you find one that has the below files:

cmake (directory)
doc (directory)
examples (directory)
... and several other directory.

You do not have to read the CMakeLists.txt file. Just locate it and note where it's stored. The directory it rests in is the "root" directory used in the rest of that tutorial.
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ok ty
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hey which do i pick for the specify generator for this project on cmake? im running code blocks so mingw
I made the tutorial for VS because that's what I'm most familiar with (and I could walk through it on my machine very easily).

For other compilers/IDEs you'll have to figure out the differences on your own (unless someone else can chime in)

Choose the option in CMake that best describes the tools you're using.
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you know what, im just going to do my sfml project in vs
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is there a free visual studios?
Yes. VS2012 Express is free.
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i dont want to be difficult, but it says its a trial
You have to "register" it or it stops working in 30 days. Registering amounts to filling out a form giving them your email, name, and some other basic information. You do not have to pay anything.
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