Text RPG Parser?

I have been learning C++ for some time now, and would like to take a shot at making a text-based rpg. I have made a text rpg with choices (not a parser) but would like to make a text parser for this game. Like:

There is a sword. What do you do?
> Take sword
You took the sword

How would you suggest I go about making something like this?
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make a list of verbs you would allow, such as take, attack, look, etc, and look for them as sub strings. theres probably a better way though
I guess I would just like a how-to on it...because I don't really know how to code it.
goto Google.com
cin >> "text based rpg in c++ tutorial"
cout << ManyLinks

A bit of advice: Don't bother with an RPG until you're comfortable with C++ OOP.
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