Declaring Variables in autogen header file

I am working on a program in C++/CLI using Visual Studio 2010. I'm used to writing plain C++ applications, but I am by no means an expert.
So, my current problem is declaring a variable in the header file for the "MainWindow" of my application (the header file with all the auto generated code to create the various buttons and other objects in the view). I am writing the program so that it is primarily event driven by the user when they press various buttons. I have created an object called Aircraft that I need to be global in the MainWindow header file. What I would like to do is this:
Aircraft curAC;

However, all I have been able to get to work is the following:
private: Aircraft curAC*;

I don't see the need for a pointer in this situation, so I would like to avoid using one if possible. Is there just something very obvious that I am missing?
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