Calling WINAPI WinMain2 from Main()

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I was tasked with opening an auxiliary window from a C++ application. The C++ application opens the original window through OpenGL and I would like to open an additional window using something like this:

The original application's main entry point is through main(..){}
From within which I would like to call this function

However, how would I initialize or retrieve the variables, hInst, etc. required to create this window?

I need the two windows to be able to exchange data, variables, etc.

Is there a suggested way of doing this?

Thank you,
The program entry point is dependent on the application type, which is set in the linker settings (somewhere).

If it's set as a Console app, the entry point is main(); if it's set as Windows app, the entry point is WinMain().

In each case the appropriate args are passed in correctly.

That said, for a console app, you can still get the WinMain args; GetModuleHandle(NULL), GetCommandLine, I can't remember the Show command right now.
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