what program should i use to program c++?
Talking of a compiler or IDE?
I suggest Code::Blocks with MinGW.

I suggest ZinjaI - although it is not fully translated from Spanish.
It uses MinGW too.
cat? (No, that would be brutal.) The OP does not specify OS.

You write source code. That is plain text. Any program, that can write text, can.

C++ compiler converts -- compiles-- the source code into binary program. There are many C++ compilers.

MinGW -- Minimalist GNU for Windows -- is a collection of GNU programs that have been compiled for the Microsoft Windows platform. That collection does include GCC -- GNU Compiler Collection -- that has one C++ compiler.

IDE -- integrated development environment -- is essentially an user interface (UI) that presents text editing, compiler, etc as one uniform package. Presumably.
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