Book recommendations?

I've recently bought Jumping Into C++ by Alex Allain (incredible book), and am using C++ Primer Fifth Edition by Stanley Lippman as reference. I am aware that there is no substitute for experience, but are there any more books that I should check out? Mostly focusing on programming WITH C++.
I recently met the man who wrote C++ Primer at a conference, and that man knows what he is talking about, great book in all.

Another great book I would recommend(and schools often use) is C++ Programming, Program Design Including Data Structures 6th edition by D.S. MALIK
I own the C++ Programming book by Malik, for my C++ classes in college. The one thing I don't like about it, I cannot find answers to the programming questions. I received an A in my my 2 classes but I am still unsure on my skills. I am thinking of working on some of those problems but need to figure out where to turn for the correct answers.

I recently bought Sams Teach Yourself C++ in One Hour a Day - 7th edition by Siddhartha Rao. Anyone used this one? I am hoping it isn't a waste of money.
Menious, I have that book as well, and I've never used it. In my eyes, it is a waste of money.
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Your using C++ Primer 'as a reference'? I don't understand why you are not using it as your main book for detailed study. According to the Association of C & C++ Users C++ Primer is one of the best books out there for learning C++. It has been carefully peer reviewed by experts and has had a lot of positive feedback.

I don't think you need to buy more books - until you have outgrown the ones you have. I made that mistake and kept buying every C++ book I saw - even though i never read the stuff i had already. It can be a mugs game where you waste your money, if your not careful.

I think the books that you own are more than adequate to learn from. But if you insist have a look at the ACCU book review section before buying :
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