I was wondering if anyone could teach me C++ for free. I know I may not get much responses but if someone could help me it would be appreciated.
There are several online tutorials to teach you.
I believe its easier to be told by a person than a tut online
Rooky, I doubt if anyone would have the enormous amount of time required to teach you C++ interactively online. Your best bet is to use the tutorials on this site, or go to an established C++ teacher like Alex Allain, whose free tutorials are at:


Then if you have any questions with the code you have written, ask them on this site. Everyone I know of here wants to help, but you must do some spadework yourself.

Good luck! Donnie

PS. I just read your reply above, and I agree with you, but if this is what you need you'd have to go to some sort of class in the flesh.
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A good way to start is by going to YouTube and looking up thenewboston he explains things very simplistically then after you have a basic grasp c++ just start reading books/writing programs. A way to learn logic well at the start is making calculator programs. Then start making them with better logic ie: using loops, switch and arrays. Then maybe later taking values from a file and outputting the answers. Looking for practice problems online is a great way to get different viewpoints on programming. Lastly post your code on these forums if you ever get stuck. As long as you showed you are making an effort and not just asking for someone to completely write your program for you people will help/teach.
I believe its easier to be told by a person than a tut online

Well, yes. So does everybody. But that takes a huge amount of effort on the part of somebody else. It's an unreasonable expectation to have.

It's more effort to teach yourself from online tutorial materials than it is to have someone tell you stuff personally. But then, if something's worth doing, it's worth putting the effort in. If you're not prepared to put that effort in, then you're basically telling us that you're not really bothered about learning C++.

And if you're not really bothered about it, then why should anyone else be bothered enough to teach you?

I believe its easier to be told by a person than a tut online

A key skill to have as a programmer is the ability to read and apply information that is given to you. You have to be able to do research and use that information to create new tools or code that the user needs. If you are unwilling to do learn this skill, then consider another career path, because its very important that you learn how to do this.
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