confusions in the notation of Data type(bit width), Hexadecimal and Octal Literals

I have been trying to look them up through both books and internet resources, but unfortunately, it turns out that I am still not very clear about what exactly they are. Particularly, I have no idea what things like, 0b00001 0x000001 stands for and why in some cases 0b0001<=>0x1, 0b0010<=>0x2, 0b0100<=>0x3,0b1000<=>0x4.

By the way, how important they are in c++ programming? Would it be a great negative influence if I can skip them?
Binary literals. Proposal N3472.

It is not a part of C++ standard (yet). Some compilers offer it as extension.

They are only a matter of convenience (although, understanding bases 2, 8, 10, and 16 is not a bad thing).
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