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Hello . I'm new with programming and I'm been studying for a week or maybe more the C++ Programming Language. I really like it but I have some questions about it .
I've seen on sites that if you want to get hired you need a C++ Portfolio. What that portfolio needs to have exactly ?
I've been through videos , Pluralsight videos and some from Lynda.com . I have books also : Addison Wesley C++ Primer 6th edition , Jumping into C++ by Alex Allain , and C++ without Fear by Brian Overland. Is it ok if I learn from videos just for the moment and then I switch to books ? Or what do you think is the better way for me to learn ?
I really like games and I wanna know how is the gaming programming ? Is it really difficult as I hear ? What is the right way for me to study if I wanna become a Game Programmer?

I'm looking forward for your answer. Thank you.
You are asking subjective questions.

We do not know you, so we cannot tell you what your best way to learn is; some people like videos, others like books, a few like to teach what they just learned, others like small group discussions. Introspect to figure out what is best for you.

I have never heard of a C++ portfolio, but I assume that it is a collection of programs you have written, like linked-list implementations, queues, stacks, a genetic algorithm, a neural network, etc.
I'll break it down question by question.
1.What's a C++ portfolio: This is a portfolio where you put all of the programs that you have created.
2.Is it okay if I learn from videos: Yes learning from videos is great personally I have always learned best from videos and classes and never books but books are okay too I guess. If you're a brand new beginner I would suggest Youtuber SuzzettPoudel, I started with that and It gave me some basics to C++.
3.I really like games and wanna know how is the gaming programmed: Well alot of gaming especially the serious games like CoD, Minecraft, etc. are not built on C++ although C++ is a good place to get started on small games and activities such as hangman, and small simple games.
4.Is it really difficult as I hear: I am pretty new so would have trouble answering this but I have looked over the code that goes into those major games and it looks really damn difficult(although reading others' code is always relatively difficult) but to answer your question, yes.
5. What is the right way for me to study?: I would say depending on where you are in life you options vary. for example if you are in high school, I would say learn through videos and maybe take some classes in school on languages like C++ to start. Eventually you're gonna have to teach yourself Java and other advanced languages but for now C++ is a good starting point. if you're in College or out of high school maybe think about going to a tech school, depending how your high school grades are they have many very good colleges or even colleges that are smaller and have decent courses in Comp Sciences.
Hope My answer helped,
Hello again and thank you very much for your answers.
@psufan1357 I put Suzzett Poudel to my subscription I'm gonna check it out for sure.
So if I become a game programmer the main language for lets say medium-high games is not C++ ? I know that Java can do mobile application/games but from what I heard with C++ you can do big games and I think that's my goal to become a game programmer.
If you have any advices for me please tell me because I'm at beginning and I can say that I really need your advices.
And I'm out of high school , maybe next year I'm gonna apply for a college , don't know. Here in Romania we don't have good schools . I read in a forum that everyone who did the University learn C++ by themselves. Do you know some school that is online or something like that ?
Thank you again for your answers !
I'm looking forward for your answers.
if i had my time again this is what i would do:
1. Speed through one of these "teach yourself blah blah blah" books to get a general idea of the syntax and ideas.
2. think of a project (simple console type stuff to start with), start coding and start making mistakes.
3. repeat number 2 lots of times.

i'm still on number 3 after about 10 years.
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but after 10 years i assume you've made some medium/big project after all right ?
yea :)
i'm still making mistakes though. best way to learn.
Well alot of gaming
especially the serious
games like CoD,
Minecraft, etc. are not
built on C++ although C+
+ is a good place to get
started on small games
and activities such as
hangman, and small
simple games.

Now what do you mean by that , C++ is the de facto standard for "serious"(AAA) games , some exceptions like minecraft(java but it isn't a AAA game ,it is more of an indie game) but C++ is very suitable for making not-simple games , for simple games like hangman they can be more easily programmed in other higher level languages like python or even javascript(with html).
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From the 20 seconds of research I did using Google, I have found that most games are developed in C++.
I knew that the big games are developed in C++ but my question is there a book that introduce you to the game programming or something like this ?
Have you tried Google yet? I find that if I don't know the answer to something, somebody is always there to tell me to google it. I bet if you search using "video game development c++ book", you'll find something.
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