please help

I have written a program and i have saved it.Now I need to open it in notepad or any other application through which I can copy the text and ask doubts from it.
Can anybody tell where can I get the file??I am using Windows 7.
simply Right click on the .cpp and then select the option open with... and then select NotePad.

Anyway, if you are using IDES like visual studio or CodeBlocks, you should be able to normally copy text from them.
no, not able to open it and there is no option like 'open with'
What about right click on the file and edit? For me the .cpp opens up in notepad.
thanks man!!
And btw, are you still using turbo? Your problem I guess arised from that. If yes then switch to code::blocks or Visual Studio.

Glad I could help You
Netbeans is also worth mentioning.
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